XPEERANT, Incorporated

Put Xpeerant (X-PER-AUNT) to work for you!
Xpeerant prides itself in assisting our customers to achieve “Market Window” success by identifying and placing critical resource requirements. 

Securing the right talent is the most critical component of any project and directly relates to the success of any business.  Market opportunities wait for no one.   Finding the ideal fit is what Xpeerant has done for the last 24 years.   

Xpeerant, has a strong, experienced, and technically based recruiting team.  Our recruiters follow a detailed process which enables them to effectively connect with our customers.  This ensures we have a clear picture of the  ideal candidate.  Xpeerant provides highly experienced Design, Verification, Software, and Infrastructure engineers with the skills needed to engage from concept to silicon.  This includes advanced verification methodologies such as (UVM/OVM/VMM) and the latest design skills.

 That’s the Xpeerant difference.


Our Clients

  • ‚ÄčOur clients can expect a team of recruiters with an amazing work ethic and a vast network of candidates to fill positions quickly.
  • We focus on providing the highest quality employees.
  • We spend the time necessary to understand your needs to ensure we find the ideal fit.
  • Using our vast network of candidates we can fill positions at record speeds.
Contractor Testimonials Coming soon!

Our Contractors

  • As a Contractor owned company we know what you need and how to get it.
  • We pride ourselves in having industry low markups to give you the best deal.
  • We provide both contract and direct hire opportunities.
  • We work with top tier corporations that are currently executing cutting edge projects.   
  • Xpeerant has a professional Administrative staff to assist you in completing all required on-boarding documents.   This assures a seamless and timely on-boarding experience. 
  • Please submit Your Resume and one of our dedicated recruiters will get to work finding you the best fit.
  • If you are a company looking for quality employees and contractors please give us a call to discuss your ideal candidate.
  • Thank you for your interest we look forward to serving you.

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