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Because connection matters just as much as finding the best fit at Xpeerant we work on building relationships and our knowledge of the technical staffing industry. Spending the time with hiring managers to ensure we know what type of candidate will fit the position, team, and company. That's the Xpeerant difference.

We strive for true connections with our clients and our candidates and our contractors/new hires.  We want them to know we care and that we are invested in them and the success of the companies they work in.  It feels good to share the times when we've done just that and "our people" have commented on that connection.

Learn why we are different or share your own story with us on how we can improve our connection with you!

Anyone who feels we have been helpful please, submit your comments in the comment form on the Contact Us Form page or on our individual Linked In profile pages.  Thank you!


Kris and Ayla,
First I want to say what a pleasure it has been to work with the both of you.  Thank you for your support and advice.
Second, I just want to confirm my start date at (removed for confidentiality) is Oct. 12th.  Now having said that, I hope we still stay in touch after I start.  You guys have become like family*:) happy

Kris - 
No problem. I am really thankful for you. I've talked to several people since my release from Seagate and you are the only one who consistently stays in contact with me and trys to help. You've got a fan here. - MR

Kris helped me look for a job in the Denver area recently. Kris is fantastic. She's very responsive and detail oriented. She's a genuinely nice person. It was a pleasure working with her.  - Tyler

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