XPEERANT, Incorporated

Employee Benefit information
Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shields: www.anthem.com 
Costs range from *$189.44 to *$1297.92 monthly, depending on age and plan preference. The following plans are carried by Xpeerant and can be reviewed on the Anthem website:
Anthem Gold PPO-   Code 2H6M
Anthem Silver PPO- Code 2H62
Anthem Silver PPO- Code 2H6X
Anthem Bronze PPO- Code 2H5X
Delta Dental of Colorado: www.deltadentalco.com
Monthly cost for employee is *$37.80.
Ameritas VSP Vision Plan: www.vsp.com
Monthly cost for Employee is *$11.90.
Xpeerant will match 3% of the employee’s gross pay for the entire year as long as the employee has made a 3% contribution for that year as well. Employee must setup their own SIRA account for contributions to be deposited into and a SIMPLE IRA form must also be completed and returned to HR.
*Costs subject to change each year per carrier.
Please contact HR at hr@xpeerant.com for specific quotes and pricing.

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