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LinkedIn helpful tips:

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Email tips:

  1. Using their Linkedin profile or resume (if they don’t have contact info) I find who their current employer is 
  2. Then go to http://www.email-format.com/ and search for the company name in the “search for domain” field you will then get a list of possible email configurations such as first_last@company.com 
  3. Search xpeerant and see what comes up
  4. Once you have a formate you are sure about you can test the email to make sure it goes some where
  5. Using http://verify-email.org/ you can verify the email address. You can try a couple of different formate if needed but you only have a certain amount of times before you’ll have to wait to do more.
  6. Send off an email with the job info and get a placement (fingers crossed)
For our more legacy style recruiters what other tips do you have for finding contact info that isn’t listed on a resume or LInkedin profile?

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