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Xpeerant Incorporated has been a key figure in helping companies within the semi-conductor and technical industry meet their market deadlines by supplying hard to find qualified employees. Xpeerant is headquartered in beautiful Middle Tennessee with recruiters serving your needs in various locations throughout the U.S. offices. Our account managers and technical recruiters have contacts that have been cultivated through years of experience and building strong professional relationships. The difference with Xpeerant is, quite literally we care. We see our candidates as human beings and work hard and long to build real relationships with them. Relationships that withstand the length of a contract or our need to fill a position.

Industries We Serve

Defense Contractors
  • ASIC Design
  • FPGA Design
  • ASIC/FPGA Design Verification non-UVM
  • ASIC/FPGA Design Verification UVM
  • Firmware
  • Physical Design
  • DFT (Design for Test)
  • Layout/Mask Design
Defense Contractors
  • ASIC/FPGA Design
  • ASIC/FPGA Design Verification non-UVM
  • ASIC/FPGA Design Verification UVM
  • Firmware
  • System Engineering
  • Circuit Board Design
  • Application Programing
  • Embedded Systems
  • Firmware
  • Web Based Design
  • Financial
  • Database Programming
  • Administration
  • Accounting
  • Management

Some of Our Clients

Xpeerant Team


Tonya Smith
Vice President of Operations

T: 970-266-5119 | Ext. 807
C: 972-978-3521

Tonya began her staffing in 1994, marking the beginning of a remarkable career. As a seasoned professional in Business Development, Recruiting, and Operations, she has consistently demonstrated her expertise in various domains. With a comprehensive background in traditional staffing, VMS programs, MSP locations, and RPO solutions, Tonya brings a wealth of knowledge and adaptability to her role. Throughout her career, Tonya has successfully handled contract, direct placement, and executive search efforts, making a significant impact on local and national scales. Her market skills encompass engineering, information technology, professional services, and manufacturing. By leveraging her expertise, Tonya consistently strives to offer guidance and support to her colleagues, clients, and candidates alike.
Kathy Stokes
Senior Director of Business Development/Recruiter

T: 512-551-4155 | Ext. 817

Kathy has multiple years as a Technical Recruiter and Account Manager in a variety of industries, primarily focused on the semiconductor industry. Her success has been attributed to maintaining and building upon the client and candidate relationships. She has worked as a nationwide hardware engineering recruiter with a special focus on semiconductor engineering in Austin, TX. Kathy has worked with large corporate accounts such as AMD, IBM, Samsung, Qualcomm, Cadence, Intel, and many others. She has also worked as a contract recruiter for both small and mid-size companies and start-ups in Austin. This makes her uniquely qualified to address and understand the needs of our clients and future employees. Kathy understands the importance of a strong technical fit, but also the need to fill positions with candidates that have a passion for successful engineering engagements.


Tania Moore
Chief Administration Officer

T: 970-266-5118 | Ext. 809

Tania brings experience in banking and business administration to Xpeerant. She has managed the accounting and administration of Xpeerant's business since 2007. Tania improved the overall processes of invoicing and payroll and has been responsible for ensuring that Xpeerant is compliant in the many aspects of employment law. She also helps with the IT issues.

Corporate Support

Gary Petty
CEO and Founder

T: 970-266-5112 | Ext. 801
Alternate 972-468-9798
C: 970-227-2625

Gary is a Vietnam Era US Air Force Veteran. Following service in the Air Force, Gary found himself thrust into the temporary staffing industry as a highly demanded contract engineer performing duties across a wide range of specialties including RF Circuit Design, Microwave Systems Design, Digital Signal Processing systems, Digital Data Link Systems Engineering, Embedded Software, Applications Software, ATE Systems Engineering and AISC/FPGA Design and Verification. Gary is recognized as an accomplished professional having worked with some of the semiconductor industries pioneers in the early development of semiconductor technology. He has been involved in presenting training seminars for many of the industries’ major companies and participates in many professional conferences, seminars and standards committees. He also holds the NTSA's Technical Services Certification for expertise in co-employment law issues. Gary has worked his entire career on both sides of the temporary staffing industry, both as a contract professional and as the head of a staffing company.
Barbara Petty
President and Co-Founder

T: 970-266-5110 | Ext. 808

In starting Xpeerant, Barbara accepted the responsibility of managing the company's accounting and administration from the very start of the company while Gary sought and filled the first contracts for the company. Barbara has been involved with the day-to-day management of the company since the beginning and has accumulated a wealth of experience in the process. She continues to participate in the accounting and management of the company and has proven a valuable adviser to the CEO. Barbara also holds a Technical Services Certification awarded by the NTSA having proven competent in understanding the legal requirements imposed by co-employment law issues.

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